1. Go for a walk and enjoy every minute of it!

    Also, my entire body – OUCH!!!!!!!!!!!! Still super sore. I can’t laugh because my abs hurt so much!

  2. I’m jealous you have snow! This is the only time of year I crave it ( even though I’ve never lived where it snows ). I can’t decide what to do with myself this morning either? Will it be a stand up paddle down Kaanapali Beach before the rain starts or the gym because I waited too long??? Aloha:)

  3. Ran 2.15 miles this morning… which might be more impressive if I mentioned that it was 35 degrees and there’s snow on the ground! I’m hoping to negotiate use of the TV this evening so I can do a Yoga AM/PM DVD (the PM part, obv).

  4. Kristi

    Snowy runs make me nervous! Be safe, girl!

    Like Kath, I am super sore from yesterday’s shenanigans! But, I will commit to 2 nice ‘n easy strolls with the pooch. It’s sunny in Seattle!

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