He’s Crazy

In typical holiday fashion, last night was all about good food and great people.

Tate’s brother and our sister-in-law had us and a few others over for Sunday night dinner.   They, very conveniently, live less than a 10 minute walk away from my mom’s house!  Gotta love small towns.

The baby was scrumptious as can be…

The cheese was delish…(a goat Gouda, mmmmm)

The gluten-free crackers were quite tasty…

The coleslaw was tasty and tangy…

Our hosts gorgeous and gracious…

But the truffles…the TRUFFLES were A-MA-ZING!!!

Rich ganache dusted with high-quality cocoa from Venezuela.  This cocoa was a beautiful deep, rich red and perfectly balanced between sweet and bitter.

This man knows his way around the sugar bowl.

He is The Crazy Baker!  Hal Hitzig is a truly talented baker.  Lucky for me, he lives in my hometown!  Lucky for you, he ships!  Seriously, if you are looking for a special treat-look no further.  His granola is the best I’ve had.  He takes great pride in his products and it shows.  His eggs are local, his flour high-quality, and his vanilla 100% real.

He made our wedding cake and it was GORGEOUS, I don’t have time right now to comb through and find the picture but I’ll get you one later.

Speaking of sugar, I am heading out to the farm to make ginger bread cookies!  It’s another tasty tradition!

I’ve got a question for you, last week when I started comment commit I planned to do it for a week and see how it went.  I’ve really enjoyed the last week and all the support and accountability.  How about you?   Should we keep going until New Year’s?

Today I am going to take a walk and do some strength training.

“Health is the thing that makes you feel that now is the best time of the year.” –Franklin P. Adams



  1. srzasa

    I’m loving the comment commit also – let’s do it until at least Christmas. Today I’m going to do a cardio workout video, we’ll see which one I feel like when I get home from work.

  2. Kristi

    I’m in!!!

    I’m going to swim today. My lower back has been sore and tight, which seems to be pinching my sciatic nerve down through my left backside until my knee. It’s very bizarre! Not sure what’s going on there, but I’m still going to get out and gently exercise with lots of stretching throughout the day.

    Enjoy your family time!

  3. Yes! Please keep comment commit going until New Year’s! I appreciate the daily focus and support for exercise. Today I will run/walk four miles and then try a new yoga CD I bought – Healing Moves Yoga by Carol Krucoff. Bikram is my regular yoga practice so this CD will be something new and different.
    Beautiful truffles!

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