The ride back to West Virginia was smooth and I was welcomed “home” with open arms  and a fish taco dinner.  Although it was hard to leave Charlottesville and SO MUCH WORK to do at the clinic, I am glad to be spending a few more days with my family.

I had a great workout this morning, I must have been all carbo-loaded from champagne and rice.

I did three 20 minute Exercise TV strength/cardio workouts.  You can find the ones I did here, here, and here.  These three are my favorite workouts lately.  Each one includes upper, lower, and core strength training plus cardio and are fast-paced and creative.

How did your workout go?

It’s going to be a challenge to reach my goals this week.  I haven’t run or done yoga and it’s already Wednesday night!  These goals will serve as inspiration and motivation but if I don’t meet them, hell, it’s Christmas, there’s a lot of other important stuff going on.

It’s taco time!