1. I am just too excited for you — wow — & I would love to hear about your backpacking adventures! [Sorry if you’ve already posted about that; I’m fairly new to your blog.]
    I’m going to go do weight training & a short yoga session before our long drive to Utah. Enjoy your workout — & ENJOY your time back with your fam!! [Good call on that btw. You’ll have to tell us about her play — take photos!]

    • Thanks Allie!
      You can read some about our trip on The Trip page and on the May and June posts. I started the blog in the end of May while in Nepal.
      Where are you going in Utah? If it’s SLC than say “hello” to it for me! I went to the U!

      • Workout & stretching: done. Feels good. 🙂
        I lived in SLC for about 5 years [& went to the U for part of that]! My husband’s dad still lives near there, but we aren’t making it quite that far north this trip [we’ll be closer to Moab-ish area]…but I will smile at Utah for you. 🙂
        Thanks for letting me know where I can find those posts. Can’t wait to check them out.

  2. What? An entire post with no photos? I can’t believe you didn’t sneak your camera out and shoot that stack of papers you had to sign. Heh.

    Congratulations, and hope your family holiday is a merry one.

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