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Ever heard of Lewisburg, West Virginia?  I didn’t think so.

Well, listen up because it may soon (officially) become one of the coolest small towns in America.

Lewisburg has long been known for it’s arts and culture, a reputation that is particularly impressive when you realize that it is a town of 3,500 deep in West Virginia.  Now, I LOVE West Virginia but there are a lot of things it isn’t and being recognized as a hub for arts and culture is definitely one of them.

Last night I saw my sister and niece perform in A Christmas Carol at Greenbrier Valley Theater.  They pretty much rocked the house but maybe I am a little biased.

The entire production was excellent, great set, spot-on costumes, mostly impressive acting.  I’m not a huge fan of this particular play but it was a quality theater experience.

O.k friends, I need some help today!  I went to bed last night determined to run outside this morning but…

The snow is blowing sideways!  It’s breezy, not full-blown windy,  and the snow is just little flakes but…

And it’s 28 degrees out there which I could normally handle but…windchill and all…

Hmmmm, that’s a lot of but’s…

I do have a plan B and it involves a trip to the gym for my sister’s yoga class (ahhh, yoga) and a turn on the ol’ elliptical.  I miss running though, I haven’t gone since Saturday.

I am really looking forward to your comment commitments today to help inspire me to get moving!

And here’s a little reminder for all of us.

“Ability is what you’re capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it.” -Lou Holtz

So with a lot of ability, a fair amount of motivation, and a stellar attitude I go forth to work-it-out!


  1. srzasa

    You can do it! I’ve had some of my best runs in that weather! I haven’t run in ages because a) it is SLICK out and b) it is dark when I have the chance to run – and I don’t like running in the dark. I always imagine I’m going to get eaten by something. I’m looking forward to some longer days so that I can build up my running endurance again. Today begins Christmas festivities at our house – lots of cooking, company coming, last minute cleaning. I am going to do a yoga workout before lunch!

  2. That sounds like such a cool town!
    Do what feels good! If you feel like running, just do it. 🙂 You know you can. Or do whatever would make you feel best.
    Dave & I are at my parents, which makes it more difficult to get a workout it, but we are about to do a little body weight interval training. I’m not really a runner, but I brought my shoes & warm clothes to take a short run tomorrow morning — I might even run on Christmas morning. 🙂

  3. I was home this morning and did yoga with the four year old my mom watches. It was a lot of fun especially when she started crawling under me during the different poses 🙂

    Enjoy your workout!

  4. Sounds like you have a couple of good options for exercise and movement today! You could go out for a short run and see how it goes with the weather. Maybe you’ll warm up and have an awesome run despite the weather. If you don’t run, enjoy yoga and the elliptical.

    I just returned from a fast paced 4 mile walk with my daughter and husband and am determined to make time for yoga this afternoon. I am off work for a couple of weeks over the holidays and am enjoying more time and flexibility about when and how long I work out.
    Thanks for the great quotes during comment commit. I especially appreciated the Anna Quindlen quote you shared yesterday.

  5. Erin P.

    I may be one of the few people who read your blog who knows where Lewisburg, WV is. I was born and raised in Dunbar, WV, which is right outside of Charleston. I was there until I left for college and have been in Nashville since then (so for almost 8 years). My parents are still in Dunbar and my brother and sis-in-law live in Morgantown. So we go to WV every Christmas, every other Turkey day, and a couple other times throughout the year. It’s a wonderful state 🙂

      • Erin P.

        Wonderful, isn’t it? I read Kath’s blog and that brought me to gracefulfitness. As soon as I saw something about WV on here I was really excited and automatically added you to my google reader!

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