1. srzasa

    Yesterday I went sledding!! Yay! It’s fun to be a kid again. We also walked when we went out to dinner. Today I will yoga/strength and hopefully go for a walk.

  2. This is my last day home with my parents before officially moving but I want to add in some activity. I hope to get in some yoga (maybe 30 minutes) and of course organize and move some more boxes 🙂

      • I put off yoga until the end of the day and was about to postpone it until another day but then I read your comment and decided I could do a little yoga. I tried a new video I found on Netflix: Yoga for health episode one and instead of 30 minutes I almost did an entire hour of yoga! I have never done yoga longer than 30 minutes and it felt nice. The video was slower than I am used too and used a lot of relaxation concepts that I learned in my stress management and relaxation class. I am glad that I decided to move my body before another day vanished 🙂

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