How to Send a Telegram

It was a busy day around Core, lots of sorting and cleaning to be done.

We bought a building that housed a chiropractic clinic until two years ago when the doctor passed away.  He worked up until his death and the practice was left exactly like it was on his last day of work.  It’s amazing to walk into a fully stocked office but also a little overwhelming to shuffle through 30 years worth of someone else’s stuff.

The before (first thing this morning)

The first thing I did was rip those fake plants out!  I’d been wanting to do that since we first started looking at the place!

The doctor is in. 🙂

We found a lot of random items but this one takes the cake.

And here’s something that might come in handy in my new position as executive secretary…

Circa 1960…

Ya never never know when that will come in handy!

We were super-lucky to have my sister helping us today and a lot of progress was made.

By late afternoon we’d had enough sorting and shuffling and decided to hit the trail.

We had a gorgeous (and cold!) 4 mile round trip “hike” on the Monticello-Saunders Trail.

For those of us in the Northern hemisphere, it’s time to rejoice!  Each day the light lasts a few minutes longer!

Back at home I threw a bunch of squash in the oven and spent 20 quality minutes with my new kettlebell.  I am brand new to working out with a kettlebell and I am not completely sold after this first workout.  It was good but it didn’t raise my heart rate as much as I expected.  I’ll keep you posted as I learn how to best take advantage of it’s unique qualities.

I am still holding out hope for a little yoga this evening but I’m not sure it’s going to happen.

Did you workout today?  Do you have fitness goals for the week?  My goals are to go for a walk outside everyday along with my usual 3 strength training workouts, 3 runs, 3 yoga sessions, and 1 Pilates workout.

“It’s a dream until you write it down, then it’s a goal.” -Anonymous