1. srzasa

    No exercise yesterday 🙁 Today I am cleaning and will get out the Nordic Track for at least 30 minutes! (and actually use it too)

  2. Rachel

    I commit to MOVE today! A wintry cold really got me down yesterday and I decided to take a rest day with good homemade food and relaxation!

    I am still getting over this cold and feeling a bit icky, but pledge to 25 minutes of yoga and stretching today to get my body moving with perhaps a teensy bit of abs in the way of planks and maybe even some push-ups.

    I also commit to get back to my cardio tomorrow (assuming I’m on the mend!).

    Congrats on the clinic! Woohoo!

    • I am under the weather too. I always find it challenging at this stage of “unwell” to find the balance between boosting the immune through exercise and compromising it more with exercise. Enjoy your yoga!

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