Raring to Crash

There are plans and then there’s life.  And sickness.  I am not full blown sick but it’s trying hard to overtake me.  Don’t worry, I am putting up a mean fight. 😉

The last two mornings I have woken up with a sore throat, headache, and achy body.  I’ve been pounding my new favorite elixir (apple cider vinegar, cayenne pepper, lemon juice, and honey) along with echinacea and vitamin C.  It’s helping.

Suffice it to say, my workout efforts were a little thwarted.  I did get out for a short walk (2 miles) and may still get down on the mat for some easy Pilates and yoga once I digest from dinner a little more.  And there were a few hours of down-on-my-knees-scrubbing.

But enough about me, did YOU get your workout in?  Are you coming off the holiday weekend energized and rearing to go or ready to crash?

Right now, I am ready to crash!  Good night!


  1. srzasa

    I did it! I downloaded some new music and then “skied” for 30 min. I also went iceskating and walked circles around the playground to stay warm (about an hour total)! I feel better – it was also good to feel hungry for the first time in days.

  2. Oh no — I hope you fight it off quickly! My “magic elixir” is similar — my great-grandmother always swore by it — actually it’s exactly the same except for the cayenne! I drink it warm. Do you? It’s so soothing. I’ll have to try the pepper next time, which hopefully won’t be any time soon.

    I am coming back energized from the holiday weekend & rearing to go. I needed to buy groceries & stop by my husband’s office today, so I decided to bike it. It’s supposed to start snowing tomorrow, so I thought I better get a good last ride in before the storm. He wanted to do the P90X plyometric workout when he got home…I was tired & really wanted to skip out, but I thought of you & sticking to commitment & I pushed through. Felt so worth it! Thanks for being strong — now, take care of yourself. 😉
    Oops, I think my comment is as long as your post. [sorry 😉 ]

  3. papa

    Your papa is with you and sister C with sore throat and diminished energy. My workout today was starting out for a long walk, which was rerouted to pulling Nick’s car out of the creek by the G. house. Back to bed for a while…Plans and life

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