1. Keep fighting it. Light exercise will definitely boost your immune system…but don’t stress about “slacking” because sometimes your body just needs rest.
    commit: Dave & I are weight training when he gets home.

  2. Sandy

    I have already accomplished all of my fitness goals for the day:
    1. Female Fitness Breakthrough Base Phase Workout B
    2. Denise Austin 10 min. Abs
    3. Jazzercise Body Sculpt
    4. Walk 4 miles

    My next goal is to combine proteins, good carbs and fats into healthy meals today. Trying to get my system back on the wagon after Christmas goodies.

  3. rachelhollander

    I am still on the mend and a bit sniffly and scratchy throat.

    BUT, I did 35 minutes of yoga yesterday and a bit (tiny teensy teeny) of abs. Every little bit counts!

    Today, I commit to 30-45 minutes on the treadmill (finally broke down and “joined” a gym…at least for the cold winter months until I can run outside again!) and to do my ab sequence.

    Zinc lozenges! They are my sick-time savior!

  4. Looks like you have had a full and wonderful year. I haven’t done any organized exercise yesterday or today due to moving and unpacking but those two things alone use a lot of physical activity. Today I danced around and played with my eight year old niece so that definitely got my heart rate going 🙂

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