1. gracefullfitness- on top of her game as usual – so glad to see your post. I walked today with Cedar ate moderately and enjoyed a 90 minute session of very gentle restorative yoga today. You are so insightful and self reflective it serves us all. Namaste’ Tomorrow I will get at least 60 minutes of cardio vascular activity. 45 minutes of gentle yoga and the pleasures of a pool, hot tup sauna and steam room Life is good.

  2. I’ve decided to make a few resolutions this year. I tend to set goals and re-evaluate them regularly, and the start of the year seems like a natural time to review where I’ve been and where I want to go. Hopefully 2011 goes smoothly as you settle in.

    Procrastinate later – LOVE IT!

  3. Rzasa

    Great post today. I haven’t done resolutions in years! Some things I’ve been thinking about are : 1. eating to fuel and avoiding lots of sugar 2. moving some everyday 3. dealing with stress without using food 4. Taking better care of the house – which has been harder since I went back to work full time. I discovered the last couple of mornings that one of my favorite tasting breakfasts leaves me hungry way before lunch time – and then that sets off an overeating spurt for the rest of the day. I’m going to pay more attention to these things! Today I’m going to strength train and also might shovel some more snow (my exercise yesterday)

  4. You make kimchi? Wow. I love most fermented food — like live sauerkraut — but kimchi never sat well…but that was very traditional korean kimchi…maybe I would like it better homemade.
    Your aspirations for 2011 are wonderful. I have also transitioned more toward intentions rather than concrete goals, though there are a few specifics I’d like to focus on. Guess I better take some time & outline what I would like to accomplish & develop.

        • Are you scared of “bad” bacteria or of it not tasting good? My understanding is that it’s pretty safe. My experience is that it’s challenging to get predictable results and some batches are excellent, some not so good. What do you pickle?

      • Yes, “bad” bacteria frighten me, but I just may get over it, so I can make my own sauerkraut — YUM. My favorite thing to pickle so far has been thinly sliced radishes. About any veg will do though. I just put it in jar with vinegar [usually umeboshi] & water, cover the top with cheese cloth & leave it on the counter a few days. I want to try pickling melon sometime.

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