Last Comment


Thank you for joining me for 14 days of committing (publicly!) to daily workouts and encouraging each other to stick with exercise through the holidaze.

We yoga’d our way into Christmas Eve, sledded down Christmas Day, kept walking during that odd week between the 25th and the 31st, and Exercise TV’d into the New Year!!!!

Yeah, we pretty much rocked our way into 2011.

Let’s do one more comment commit for good measure.

Today I will

  • walk
  • strength train
  • yoga

I am still a little under the weather but I think this amount of exercise will be perfect.

And YOU?  What’s your workout plan today?  There’s nothing like a little public obligation to get you moving!

P.S If you haven’t participated in Comment Commit yet, it’s super simple.  Write a comment with your exercise goals for today and then come back this evening and brag about your accomplishments!