1. Rzasa

    I did it! I walked about 2 miles and then later in the evening I did my strength/pilates workout. Now, a bit more work before chilling – back to school/work tomorrow 🙁

  2. Kelly

    How do the podcasts work? Do you wear earphones while doing the yoga? You mentioned “visual cues”? Are you watching it on your computer? I’m not very technically savy…help! 🙂

    • No problem, I was hesitant to give it a try too because I didn’t understand how it worked. You download (for free) the podcasts onto your iTunes and then play them through there. The screen just shows your iTunes screen so there are no visual cues. The podcasts are from a live class so you follow along with his words, “fold forward” “move through chataranga, up dog, and let’s all meet in down dog”, things like that. You definitely have to be familiar with vinyasa and sanskrit names for common poses to follow along without confusion. Hope that helped!

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