1. Collards rolls — you are brilliant! You can never go wrong with raw ball…yeah, truffles does sound better. I think you will love staying off white sugar. I have steered clear of it for the most part for a couple years now & feel so much better not eating it. I have found so many other more natural, & gentler sweeteners I prefer.

    • Between stevia, honey, dates and other fruit I don’t see any reason to add it back in. I rarely add sugar when I make desserts at home anyway, it’s just the chocolate bars that I have gotten accustomed to nibbling every few days. The coconut oil truffles are AMAZING though and will fill that void rather well (not that I won’t still eat chocolate bars again, just more like once a month or something).

  2. papa

    I was home and rolling yesterday. First, I rolled off the toboggan about where the cow rolled you many years ago, then I made egg rolls to accompany the hearty split pea/sweet potato soup. When you were a Brownie Girl Scout, I did a unit on rolled foods round the world: nori roll, cabbage roll, Chinese egg roll, spring roll, and some desserts.

  3. papa

    In Osaka, Japan, I asked my hosts what was a local special street food and was told ‘octopus balls’. Overcoming some queasiness, I found these were like hush puppies with chopped octopus meat. The little wooden boat they were served in was a delight to bring home.

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