1. Leslie

    Just wanted to let you know how much I Love your blog. You gave me advice on finding a Yoga class and I did my first class on Sunday and Loved it! its actually a runners workshop and that works perfectly. Now you have me interested in not only pilates but sodas!! Thanks for such a real voice I feel like your blog is a true vision of you and not a fluffed version of someone. Thanks and keep up the great work!!

    • Thanks for the lovely words Leslie, I really appreciate your feedback. And I am so glad you loved yoga! That’s awesome!
      Note that if you do give Pilates a try, it is similar to yoga in that you won’t jive with every teacher/style so give it a few goes if you don’t love it at first.

  2. I definitely need to get some grains and make this soda! I tried to make kefir a couple of years ago. I got the grains from a friend who was making it in cow’s milk. I’m lactose intolerant so I tried to make it in rice milk. It didn’t seem to work very well and didn’t taste good so I didn’t keep making it. I’m excited to try the soda version!

  3. zayda & ZZ

    You should start selling the soda at your clinic. Start a company and sell it, people would buy it, they don’t have time to make it but do like to buy thing good for you.

  4. How to does Kefir soda compare to a drink like CasCal? Are they at all similar, or am I way off…?
    I just bought my first 4-pk of CasCal and am anxious to try it. However, I’m under the weather right now (really rough week!) and going to wait until I feel a bit better.



    • I think you are right but the only info I can find on CasCal is that it is a “fermented soda”, nothing about Kefir. The biggest difference is that by making it yourself you can control to sugar and calorie content to a certain extent, and it’s super cheap to make. I’ve only tried Cascal once, it was tasty!

    • Nevermind my first comment. After more research I learned that CasCal is a fermented malt soda made by Coca-Cola so while the flavor (lightly fizzy and lightly sweet) may be similar, CasCal is lacking the probiotics and other goodness of Kefir.

    • It gets fizzy from the sugar feeding off of the yeast that is supplied by the grains. It doesn’t get fizzy until the second fermentation (the bottling). I think I will do a step-by-step post to fully explain it.

    • Yep, you can pause. I have more than I can keep up with in my cupboard right now so I just put the grains in sugar water and set them in the fridge. Apparently they can keep like that for a long time as long as you periodically feed them more sugar.

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