• Ahhh, yes. Cherry!

        When I was growing up, Belmont was the hood! Quite different now. After my parents divorced, my mom lived on the street that The Local is on (Hinton, I think?), then Blenheim, then Elliott Ave. Now she lives out in Ivy, but still owns a house on 9th St NW (off West Main between the mall and the Corner).

        I grew up out in Stony Point! 🙂

  1. I ADORE your first picture of your pickling ingredients on a simple wooden cutting board resting atop a fresh layer of snow : ) It made me happy.

    I need to investigate this “Dave” yoga, which I shall do as soon as I finish this comment.

    No kefir soda questions yet…I just need to do some more research on it. Does it really taste all that good? Sounds a bit odd to me : )

  2. I just pickled radishes on Tuesday! Though they were just basic. I have never had carrots & am really excited to try it with the herbs!
    I am so glad you are going to do a step-by-step kefir posts. Yipee! Thanks. What if I wanted to make yogurt kefir for my husband? Also, how do you like your yogurt maker? We are thinking of getting one.

    • LOVE the yogurt maker and I highly recommend getting one.
      Dairy Kefir requires a different type of grain, which can also be purchased through Cultures for Health and last through multiple batches. These are easier to come by so you might want to check your local health food store or Whole Foods to see if they carry them also.

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