1. I was super duper excited about this until I read “You might blow the bottle”

    Uh oh.

    I wonder if they make plastic caps for beer bottles since I have so many of those? Would this work in a keg do you think!? Kefir soda on tap!

  2. Mamashay

    Looking forward to trying this. What about glass bottles with corks? Would the corks pop before the glass? I do like the on tap idea for a party…YUM.
    Also, for those folks who have fluoridated water, boiling concentrates the flouride in the remaining water. Do tap water filters get the flouride out too?

      • Mamasahy

        That would be WONDERFUL. I’m looking forward to making this AND to seeing both of you. Your Mama and I are planning a trip over together soon.

  3. Jenifer

    Sounds yummy! I’m trying to (mostly) eliminate sugar from my diet. Any ideas on the sugar content of the final drink?

    • Jenifer

      Just ignore my question…. if I had kept up with my reading I would have seen that the grains eat the sugar during fermintation. It’s one of them days!: )

    • As long as you are not diabetic or otherwise extremely sensitive to sugar, I wouldn’t worry about it. I don’t honestly know enough about food science to say exactly what happens when sugar is fermented (like, does it change the actual amount of sugar?) but I believe that the benefits of this drink outweigh any of the effects of the added sugar for me. And, as you probably know, am kinda anti-white sugar! I have switched to using unbleached, organic sugar just to cut down on the processing.
      Also, you can make Kefir Soda with coconut water instead of sugar water. I tried this and it turned out great in terms of fizz but I didn’t love the flavor. I did, however, love that it had zero processed sugar so maybe the flavor will grow on me.

  4. This is late but I got my grains three days ago and already have a batch on “stage two” your directions are awesome I can’t wait to try my very own kefir. I used flavored herbal tea to make the flavorings (half peach and half lemon/Ginger) I just boiled the tea really strong and used 2 ounces to 8 ounces of the kefir mix – I hope it works now that i think of it, guess I’ll know in a few days!

    • Awesome! I’ve actually been thinking about using tea too! I want to use it in the first stage, sugar tea instead of sugar water. It may end up killing the grains so I am only going to make a small batch (I have over a quart of grains now! They really do multiply.). I have had the best results using plastic bottles, like reusing sparkling water bottles, for the second fermentation. It’s sad that the plastic works better than the glass but I think it’s a tighter seal or something, it gets bubblier results.

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