1. Hey! I may try and join you on the 100 miles this month! Great goal, as well as the one to “eat lots of amazing food with amazing people.” That sounds delicious AND fun.

    I look forward to hearing what this choreography for your dance is all about. I heart dancing!
    Have a great day and enjoy your spring-like weather!!

  2. Sandy

    My son was just accepted into the PhD program at UVA!! If he chooses UVA he will need a chiropractor in Charlottesville. I am so thrilled to know that you are there!

  3. My February goal is 110 miles, and I hope to make some of those miles faster than walking. Like jogging. Not quite running. YET! I did pretty well with my January goals, considering the crappy weather we had. Indoor workouts help bridge the gap, but I’d much rather be outdoors. Today is not so gorgeous here in southern WV. Sunny, yes, but wow, what a lot of wind! And it’s getting colder as the day goes on. I have a date with the elliptical after dinner.

  4. You can absolutely tell the trainer to kick your ass! In fact, my trainer often asks me, “Do you just want me to kick your butt today?”

    And that’s a long list of goals for February. You’ll be busy! 🙂

  5. ooh, I bet I could walk 100 miles considering my walk to/from work…the days I bike from home, I might count those miles too. 😉
    With -22*F windchill, I dearly miss sweet Spring as well.

  6. set2music

    Wasn’t that weather gorgeous! Wow…excited for your big plans this month! I know you can achieve it all =D Oh, and I like how you broke down the 100 mile walk thing, very cool!

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