1. I have a lot of the same feelings as you do. And I have the same video! I think it can be a great workout, but I’ve never done it in a class. I’ve really wondered how safe it is for a fitness newbie to pick up solo at home…? Love the LaLanne quote from a few posts ago!

  2. I bought a kettlebell as a “present” to myself at the beginning of this year. I haven’t touched it, except to unpack it. The only DVD/instruction I have for it is what came with it. I am a *complete newbie* when it comes to kettlebells, and really don’t have a clue where to start.
    Of course, it doesn’t help that for the past couple weeks I’ve been battling illness and related back pain. So definitely not going to attempt it until I am all better in that area!

    Btw – you should totally do little mini videos for us on here of your favorite exercises and moves. 🙂


  3. I’ve used a kettle bell before during a workout, however, it wasn’t the only piece of equipment I was using throughout the duration of it. In the times I’ve used one, it was during a 1-hour session and I probably only used it for 3 moves, which I probably prefer. I know you can use it for a lot of moves, but I feel like if I was to use to heavy of one, I might swing myself in the face of hurt my wrists because they’re kind of awkward to hold onto and maneuver. Thanks for doing this review though! I had kind of forgotten about them until I read this, so maybe I’ll try and reincorporate it into my routine.

  4. Janine @ tratsie.blogspot.com

    I’ve had the same thoughts about kettle bells. When i see people using them incorrectly or with poor form I get so scared for them!
    I’m loving your blog and it’s a great inspiration for my own (new) one!! Thanks so much.


  5. faith, KB training is a staple of crossfit! they are incredible for your entire body but definitely require some instruction and orientation before using them . I encourage you to go to free saturday morning class crossfit charlottesville . when we move back we can work out together there 🙂 hope you’re well!

    • I’ve been eyeing the crossfit gym and think of you each time! I will definitely go when you return and maybe before, when are you coming back?! Great to hear from you and I hope CO is treating you well!

  6. gas

    Kettle bells are great BUT you can easily drive yourself into anaerobic metabolism. Anaerobic metabolism can lead to acidosis. This is why you feel like vomiting. It is like running wind sprints on steroids. The answer is to pace yourself in reps sets and rest between sets. Also raising your arms to head height or overhead with a clean and press further increases the metabolic load. I would start at maybe 20 minutes if you are in shape and progress from there, less if you are in not as good shape you will quickly progress. I can no longer run due to injury and kettles have been a welcome addition to my workout I love the variety, but like anything you have to work into it

  7. I share some of your concerns but have been wanting my own kettlebell for a long time. Jillian M. has an adjustable weight one! I also have good form & am strong ;), so I feel this is great to incorporate but not over do it. I like using it for breathing ladders. I REALLY WANT MY OWN. 🙁 I should just splurge already.

  8. Hi Faith,

    Great blog and congrats on your new business! My husband and I started doing kettlebells over 6 months ago and I have really enjoyed them, but more as a strength training workout instead of cardio. We used the dvd that came with the kettlebell and some youtube videos to get the form down and then bought a series called Kettleworx- I highly recommend these. They are 20 minutes long and are great, especially the core ones. I run 3 mi 5-6 days a week and do these videos at least 2 times a week and have enjoyed the results.

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