Brain Training

My hamstrings are finally NOT sore from Thursday’s session with Adam and Saturday’s yoga class!  And here I go again, I’ve got a 12:30 appointment with Adam.  I am really looking forward to it and curious to see how my body reacts today, although I am sure he won’t push me quite as hard today after Thursday’s near puking experience.

A few weeks ago I wrote about my experience with neurofeedback.  Since I last wrote about this treatment that I am getting for a 7 year issue with insomnia I have seen Jessica twice.

The first time was a chance to go over findings from the QEEG.  She provided me with a 10 page print out, including some colorful pictures of my brain activity.

The white area represents “normal” compared to other women my age, the colors represent either side of “normal”.   The dots show electrode sites.

“The most notable pattern is the QEEG finding for Faith is the elevated Z-scores throughout the cortex at 8 Hz.”

Yeah, it’s all Greek to me also but it went on to say that “having excessive slow alpha is frequently associated with cognitive sluggishness and memory problems”.  After 7 1/2 years of poor/no sleep you bet your ass I have cognitive sluggishness and memory problems!

So now to correct this excessively slow alpha…

More goo!

Stick ’em on

Watch my brain try to retrain

I watched my brainwaves bounce up and down on the screen as the slower waves were asked to speed up and the fast waves asked to slow down.

I felt no pain or sensations from the process, just sleepy because I was sitting still listening to very calming sounds (more on this next time, it’s my favorite part!).

Jessica described this session like a warm-up training session, shorter and less-intense so as not to overwhelm my brain.

It’s been a week since my first neurofeedback session.  I can’t say I have seen a shift in my sleeping but that first session was really just a test to see how my brain reacted to being hooked up.  Although I only understand a fraction of what is actually happening during neurofeedback (perhaps because of my excessively slow alpha :/) I am excited to continue with this therapy.

Enough about brain training, time to go train my butt!