Roll and Rest

No time to write, I am taking an unexpected day trip to Pennsylvania for family reasons.

My quads are useless today so it’s just as well that I will be sitting in a car all day!  The session with Adam The Trainer yesterday was awesome and I didn’t get sick one little bit. 🙂  Just fatigued!  Working with him makes me realize that I rarely work to true muscle fatigue in my day to day workouts.

To be honest, I knew that I wasn’t working to fatigue in my daily workouts because fatigue hurts the next day and I don’t want to be sore all the time!  I also think it is a throwback to when I was dancing all the time.  I worked out consistently but avoided fatigue because I always had rehearsal or a performance to be fresh for.

Have you ever done an “eggroll” ab curl?  That was the only one that I failed miserably at.  I’ll show attempt to show you how it’s done tomorrow.

Road-trip means car snacks so I better get in the kitchen and start packing!