1. Amanda

    I literally just signed up to be certified in NASM…. I was terrified to commit to one certification, it’s a big investment and there are SO many. I chose NASM to keep my options open as far as employment but do you have any opinions about NASM or any of the other big ones like ACE and ACSM? Do you need a group fitness cert specifically to teach classes or can you still teach with a personal training cert?

    • I don’t have any personal experience with NASM, ACE, or ACSM, I just know that they are all well regarded in the industry. My Personal Training certs are from ISSA and AFPA. I was NOT very happy or impressed with ISSA but I was pleased with my training from AFPA. Sadly I think that most of these cert programs are kind of bogus, as in they don’t really reflect what you know or your ability to be a successful trainer. If time and money was not an option I think it would be amazing to do a PT training in a small group for like 100 hours or something.
      Since PT and Group X certs are mainly required by gyms for insurance reasons I believe it would be fine with your employer to teach with a PT cert. Just know that a PT cert does NOT train you how to teach a group x class so unless you are a natural I would recommend a group x cert (or a whole lot of home practice).
      Please keep me updated on your experience with NASM! Good Luck!

  2. I have seriously been considering certifying as a personal trainer & would love to be able to teach cycling. I want wanted to pursue teaching yoga & pilates for a couple years now — I have a good background [especially in pilates], have been practicing for years & used it a lot as an injury & sports LMT but could definitely use specific training. I will surely be picking your brain on this!

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