1. I like cooking my own dried beans as well. Another plus is the bulk bins usually have more variety, so you can switch it up & try a lot of different types.
    Your heart bowl is too cute — almost rustic which I really like — & that spoon! Where did you find that?! I love the photo of the rose — beautiful back-lighting without drowning it in shadows — well done. The soaking beans: that is such a cool picture too. You are on a roll! Oh, & Tate is very handsome. Dave & I should have had a picnic too in this beautiful February warmth!

    • Hi Allie!
      My mom made the bowl 🙂 and the spoon was a wedding present, it hangs on it’s own little hook in the kitchen and I use it all of the time. Thanks for the photo complements, I really take that to heart coming from you. As far as Tate, yep, super sexy, this picture doesn’t do him justice! 🙂

  2. Hello Faith!
    I wanted to let you know, I SO enjoy reading your blog. It’s becoming a daily thing for me. I wish you were in Lewisburg so we could talk more! Keep up the GREAT work and hope to see you soon…!

  3. Carol

    I always use dried beans also…love soaking them the night before and then making a huge pot of soup! I love your bowl and spoon! I love them even more because your mom made them:) So cool! Looks like you and Tate had a great Valentine’s day!
    Hope today was just as good!

    P.S. I am about to make your Gingersnap cookies for my hubby to take on a camping trip. I know he will love them:)
    Thanks again for all the fun recipes!

  4. Okay, I’m going to confess: it’s canned beans around here! I know, I know, but if I have to soak ’em, it doesn’t happen. Better canned beans than no beans, I guess?

    And can I say how jealous I am of your outdoor picnic? It’s been warmer than seasonal around here, but that translates into hovering around freezing during the daytime. Sadly, it’ll be cooling off tomorrow – high of -9 C tomorrow and then colder after that! That’s pretty normal in these parts, but I don’t enjoy it. Oh well, at least the days are getting longer. 🙂

  5. I’m a cook-beans-from-scratch convert because they taste better. I can control the sodium and I think the texture is far superior to the mushy beans you get from the canned version. Like you, I freeze leftovers.

    I grew a couple different kinds of dried beans last year. The cranberry beans were just okay, they developed bean rust and the yield wasn’t very impressive. Black-eyed peas, however, were a great success, and fun to grow. Edamame also provided a great harvest for the effort.

    Love your rose-in-the-vase photo (and the others). I don’t often think of tilting my lens to get an unusual angle.

    • I was just looking through a seed catalog last night and drooling over the dry beans. I don’t think I have the space to dedicate to them this year but hopefully in the future. My dad always grows edamame and it is so much better fresh, even though I like the frozen stuff as well.

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