1. Once again our synchronicity blows my mind out further than it already is. Do you remember me listening to Marianne constantly in my studio when you were a kid? It is indeed a powerful quote and so true. thanks for the reminder

  2. Hi Faith,

    Can you tell me where to purchase nutritional yeast? I see it talked about everywhere; I think it’s like a hidden ‘gold mine’ but I have no clue where to purchase it!

    I recently became a vegetarian although I had dabbled with it over the last 8 months; but I need to find better/healthier foods to eat.

    Thanks for you help! Good luck Saturday!

    • Hi Michele,
      Nutritional yeast is a total nutritional gold mine! Super high in B vitamins and protein and it’s tasty, I am glad you want to add it into your diet.
      I have always bought it from bulk bins at health food stores or, in bigger cities out West, bulk bins in conventional grocery stores. Sometimes you will see “flakes” or “powder”, I prefer the flakes personally but it’s just a matter of personal preference.
      If you don’t have access to it locally, it can be purchased online, like at Lucky Vitamin. In the stores around here it sells for around $7 a pound, which is a lot because it’s so light.
      Good luck!

  3. I love this poem, especially the point of not only shining to release our own potential, but to allow others to shine & thrive as well — no judgment, no jealousy, no fear…
    It’s about love, connecting with the rest of the planet & uplifting…everyone!
    Shine on Faith — you truly shine!

  4. Ground

    Walking is my workout. I never thought about it as a goal- just to get my butt out there everyday. I do about 2 miles with lots of uphill( and of course downhill) Dogs love it, my brain loves it and It must help keep the wieght down a bit! Good luck this wekend- we still want to come see you but it’a acting like spring…

  5. I wish I lived near Charlottesville because your event sounds like so much fun! I’m sure it will be a success :). When I think of what to have for lunch, lettuce salads haven’t been calling my name. However, I decided to have one anyway few days ago, and I was throughly glad I did. I guess sometimes we’re just mentally swayed by the weather even though our bodies say otherwise.

    Have a lovely day!

  6. I’m glad you walked. I am somewhat disabled by a nerve condition now and thing I always want to tell people when they worry about how they don’t feel like working out is: just walk and enjoy it! I miss long walks so much, more than anything else!

  7. Hello, I’m visiting your blog for the first time today and have to tell you I just love that quote. I’ve had a copy of it hanging above my desk at work for years.

    Good luck with your grand opening, I am an avid supporter of chiropractic.

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