Salad Mountain

Ekk, I slept in until 8:30 and now everything is running late!  There is so much to do before Saturdays festivities!

But there’s always time for a quick 3.8 mile run in the sunshine.

And a Salad Mountain

What wasn’t in this salad is the question…

An arugula base was tossed with carrots, celery, herbed Twin Oaks tofu, and balsamic vinegar.  On top of that went small scoops of barley and white beans.  The final layer?  Nutritional yeast and a tiny sprinkle of sunflower seeds.  With a hard boiled egg on the side.  Everything was dusted generously with lavender and rosemary salts.

My goal was to satify my belly until Kath and I go out to eat at Sprout tonight.  I think it worked.

We are taking a girls trip over to Richmond this afternoon for some shopping, eating, walking, and dance watching.  The Virginia Commonwealth University has a great dance department and their company is performing tonight.

Have a gorgeous day!