Second Home

It’s not yet noon and we’ve been at the clinic for 4 hours!  Patients starting at 8 a.m is a good thing though so I am not complaining.

This place is fast becoming a second home, we even have a fridge here (we still need to stock it full of goodies though).

By golly, I think we are almost ready for our Grand Opening tomorrow!

What’s that you said?  You live in Korea and won’t be able to make it?

Here’s the virtual experience

“Welcome to Core Integrated Health and Chiropractic” 🙂

The Dr. hard at work at his (messy!) desk.

Oh, you’re here for Gracefulfitness Training?

Come on up

Grab a mat

Enjoy the sunlight studio and a little Core Four

The afternoon is going to be jam packed with patients, cleaning, working out, baking muffins (for tomorrow), and grocery shopping but for now the Dr. is taking his staff to lunch. 😉