1. annie

    Hi the muffins look fabulous, will have to try them!
    Also wondering if you would share how to make the coconut butter
    truffles? I didn’t see it anywhere else on your site?
    Thanks so much!

  2. Lehua

    Faith! My kids and I read this blog together today and we are so stoked to make the PB Full Banana Bran Muffins!

    But then the kids saw at the very end your picture of the Coconut Butter Truffles, and they are salivating all over my computer! Any chance you’d share that recipe?!!

  3. Jenifer

    I’ve seen the lavendar salt thing a couple of times (both here and on Kath’s). It sounds so yummy… how do you make it?

  4. cameron

    Great clip! I’m going to try to make these GF. Good luck with the clinic! My brother is a chiro and just starting his business as well- I wish you all the best!

  5. I made these today using a flax egg and they were amazing! Thank you so much for posting this recipe. The only difference I noticed was that mine took longer to cook (closer to 20 minutes), but no complaints here. My boyfriend and I were both hooked on the first bite.

    • I calculated 230. I made them pretty big, you could easily make small ones if you wanted a more snack-sized muffin. I’ve been jonesing for these but I keep forgetting to buy bananas!

  6. Maddie Mahon

    These muffins were absolutely DECLICIOUS! They were quick and easy to make. My sister and I just made them and we ended up eating all of them…we just couldn’t resist!! (well our mom ate two..) They are verrrry moist and flavorful…best healthy muffins we’ve made yet!! We used spelt flour because we didn’t have bran flour and they turned out fine. Also, we added some milk to the batter. We also sprinlked the tops with cinnamon and oats. Thanks for sharing and creating such a great recipe!! I can’t wait to share your recipe with our friends.

  7. Alison

    I just finished making and eating these (not all of them, just one!) 😉 and they are AMAZING! My batter was a lot drier than yours so I added a splash of milk. Still drier but I just went with it. I sorta under-baked them because I was scared that my drier batter would, well, dry out faster. But still so delicious! I think they’re starting to settle as I let them cool a littler more so that’s good.

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