Carrot & Stick

Have you ever read the Carrot & Stick in the Vegetarian Times magazine?

This is where they give acknowledgement for positive work and a public thumbs down to those committing bad deeds.

I’ve got my own carrot and stick today, first the carrot.

Pepperidge Farms®  Goldfish® Colors recently switched from artificial coloring to natural coloring!  The bite-sized fish are now visually enhanced with beet juice and other plant sources.  I personally don’t eat Pepperidge products and I think there are many processed snacks that way surpass them in terms of nutritional value but I am thrilled to see big producers cutting out the crap. My parents were strictly “no artificial colors or flavors” and I am now deeply grateful to them for this.  Have you heard about the possible link between autism and artificial coloring?  Or ADHD and fake colors?  Yuck.

A Stick

Fake blueberries?  Are you *!#*@%!!*-ing me?

Watch this.

“That’s why we call it Total…”  Priceless.

I’m off to go eat some real food.

Bon appetit!