Carrot & Stick

Have you ever read the Carrot & Stick in the Vegetarian Times magazine?

This is where they give acknowledgement for positive work and a public thumbs down to those committing bad deeds.

I’ve got my own carrot and stick today, first the carrot.

Pepperidge Farms®  Goldfish® Colors recently switched from artificial coloring to natural coloring!  The bite-sized fish are now visually enhanced with beet juice and other plant sources.  I personally don’t eat Pepperidge products and I think there are many processed snacks that way surpass them in terms of nutritional value but I am thrilled to see big producers cutting out the crap. My parents were strictly “no artificial colors or flavors” and I am now deeply grateful to them for this.  Have you heard about the possible link between autism and artificial coloring?  Or ADHD and fake colors?  Yuck.

A Stick

Fake blueberries?  Are you *!#*@%!!*-ing me?

Watch this.

“That’s why we call it Total…”  Priceless.

I’m off to go eat some real food.

Bon appetit!


  1. Sadly, I am not shocked by the “fake fruit”. Maybe I am naive, but who actually thinks they are getting “real fruit” in a fruit-flavored PopTart? (Artificial things WERE allowed in my house as a kid; and oh boy did I love the Brown Sugar Cinnamon PopTarts. I probably haven’t had those in 15 years. But I digress).

    I can’t recall the last time I bought something “flavored”. Except perhaps Lemon/Lime seltzer. (But even that hasn’t happened since I got a SodaStream for Xmas!).

    Enjoy your REAL FOOD! I’ll be eating some of my own for lunch in about an hour!


    • I know, but when you see a little dry blue morsel in “blueberry cereal” it’s easy to conclude it’s fruit. It all comes down to making informed decisions about what you eat by choosing whole, unprocessed food and/or reading labels like nobodies business.

  2. The deception of the food industry really upsets me. Then again, when we stick to foods that do not come out of a box, we don’t have to worry about dissecting labels. While I won’t be eating Pepperidge Farms either, I appreciate the changes some big names are making.

  3. Carol

    Thanks for sharing this. I guess this would explain why I never liked those types of products growing up. Keep rocking those muffin recipes! You can use all the real fruit you want:)

  4. I work in a medical library and we’ve done a lot of research on the effects of artificial colors and both autism and ADHD. It’s amazing how those chemicals can effect the human body and not in a good way.

    BTW – I always read Carrot & Stick in Veggie Times.

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