1. Sandy

    We have snow on the ground again. I just came back from a yoga retreat where I had 4 hours of yoga each day. I have one class a week and try to do a 10 minute home practice at least twice a week but I have never been able to get myself motivated for a daily home practice.

    P.S. My son was in C-ville last weekend for interviews and was offered a fabulous fellowship at UVA. I am hoping they choose that and then I will be joining you at Core Four, looking for workout friends and visiting Great Harvest regularly. Kath – do you need a volunteer to hand out samples at local races?

  2. Faith, I have been feeling the same way about yoga! I agree with the value in both instructional & private practice ; I haven’t found/chosen a class in Flagstaff yet & committed to practicing daily on my own again…but without a lot of success. Hmm…maybe we can inspire each other?? What did you choose as the focus on your mat today? I think mine might be acceptance — acceptance for the approaching storm & a need to slow down & enjoy some “me” time this weekend — oh & attack my tight hamstrings. 😉
    Thanks for the reminder. I have some sequences from yoga journal I have kept in a binder; maybe they will inspire me as well.
    p.s. Have you tried/heard of YogaGlo,com?

    • YogaGlo? No but I am going to check it out right now.
      Hmmm, my intention on the mat today was to cultivate presence. I know that that is one of the first tenets of yoga but sometimes it’s easier said than done when it’s 1 pm and you just returned from a run and haven’t eaten lunch and are going back to the office for the afternoon! I am such a multi-tasker that unfortunately it can cross over into my yoga practice if I let it. Ever caught yourself making a to-do list in downdog?!
      Along those lines, I did a sitting mediation today, on of the few unguided ones I’ve ever done in my life! It was 3 minutes and I plan on incorporating it into my life on a more regular basis.

      • Make a to-do list in downdog? uh…no…never…except nearly all the time. I tend to multi-task too & like lists, so yes, establishing presence is definitely easier said than done for me as well — but so beautiful it is worth the constant effort.
        Mmm, you have also reminded me I miss regular meditation as well.

  3. For now I’m using Yoga Downloads at home but when my schedule allows I’ll go back to a local class that I love. It’s called Gentle Yoga (I’m a newbie) and I leave feeling so full of energy and yet relaxed at the same time. Love it a lot!

  4. Those muffins look so good!
    I take a class every Saturday that I love. And I try to do yoga at home 2-3 times during the week although it doesn’t always happen. When I don’t want to do yoga at home I try to remind myself how much better I will feel after just 15-20 minutes!

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