1. I’m planning a container garden for my back porch. Am hoping to grow a couple of vegetable plants and some herbs. It’s my first try at it and I don’t want to be overly ambitious. Look forward to reading about your progress with yours.

    • My parents always gardened (and still do) and I’ve helped them but I have yet to have a full on veggie garden of my own. This year we are actually planting raised beds instead of just containers! Best of luck for an abundant harvest!

  2. cameron

    This is one of my new favorite blogs. I’m going to try the lasagna this weekend!

    My highlights involved finished my last semester of grad school midterms!

  3. Sara

    Do you have a recipe- or at least a rough estimate- for the lasagna? It looks delicious, but I don’t think I could wing it…I’ve never cooked with tofu before!

    • Sure! I don’t measure but here’s the idea. The tofu filling (instead of ricotta) was 1 block of pressed tofu (wrap in a clean dish towel or paper towel set a frying pan or other heavy object on top to remove some of the water) in the food processor until creamy. I then added soy sauce (~2 tsp), smoked paprika (1/2-1 tsp), nutritional yeast (4 heaping spoonfuls), italian dried herbs (1 tsp), and flour (2-3 T to help absorb any leftover water).

      I cooked the whole wheat lasagna noodles al dente, thinly covered the bottom of the baking dish with pureed tomatoes from a can, and started layering; noodles, tofu, noodles, greens & sauce, noodles, thin layer of sauce and dusting of nutritional yeast. The greens and sauce layer was just kale and broccoli finely chopped in the processor and mixed into canned pureed tomatoes.

      Hope that helps! It was super delicious and I plan to make it again really soon. Make a big dish because it was even better as leftovers! 🙂

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