• Not the one I have! Haha, no really, it’s cheap and not dense enough. I don’t have a particular brand to recommend but you should look for one that is solid rather than actually looking foamy. The ones with marbled coloring fit this criteria. It’s not that much more$$ to buy the better quality and it will pay off in the long run. Happy rolling!

  1. I love your goals and the flexibility you have with them. That’s something I’m working towards. (aka not making myself neurotic if I don’t meet a self-imposed goal)

    • Thanks! I definitely used to see it as a waste if I didn’t meet goals 100% but now I find it motivating instead. I doubt that I will actually walk 100 miles this week (great attitude, eh? :)) but by setting it that high I will probably walk at least 80 in my effort to reach 100.
      Good luck not making yourself neurotic! 😉

  2. Nice work on your goals! I’m hoping to start our garden this month. Last year I started tomatoes in February (in our little green house) but it was way too early.

    I love my foam roller as well. I have also started massaging my hips/glutes/TFL with a tennis ball which seems to help a lot too.

  3. staygold

    Oh, I *really* want to get into kettlebell training, especially after reading the 4 Hour Body recently. Which weight did you start off with? I’m pretty lost about where to begin. Also, have you just been training on your own, or can one take kettlebell training classes?

    I’m excited to jump on this bandwagon!

    • I bought a 10 pounder so that’s what I use. It’s a little light for a few exercises and just right for others. My ‘bell came with a Gaiam workout video that I did a few times and then I bought Jillian M.’s Shred It with Weights and use that regularly.
      Kettlebells have the potential to provide an amazing workout but they also have the potential to cause real damage to your body, especially your shoulders. I highly recommend seeking out a class at your local gym or through a trainer to get started using them.
      Have fun!

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