Four Kinds of Fit

Was I ever ready for a salad mountain this afternoon.

With a side of kimchi and pickled carrots.

It’s been a delightfully active day.

In step with my March goalsdidn’t drive either of the two times I went to the clinic this morning!

My first trip there was early, cold, and on foot for Core Four.   My second trip was on wheels-bike wheels-for a lunchtime Ashtanga class with Kiki of Guerilla Yoga Project.  GYP is a collective of yoga instructors who offer donation-based classes all over town.  We are thrilled to be hosting 3 classes a week at our studio!

It was fun to be in a yoga class but Ashtanga is not my thing.  One of my favorite things about participating in a class is the creativity of the teacher and the ability for the teacher to read the class and base the poses around the students.  Ashtanga is so rigid and set.  There’s something for everyone so I am not knocking Ashtanga, it’s just not my thing.

After biking, walking, yoga, and strength intervals I am feeling four kinds of fit!

I found the coconut butter jar dangerously low this morning…time to whip up another batch!

2 cups of shredded, unsweetened coconut into the food processor

10 minutes later (I think my blade is getting a little dull, it took a little longer than usual)

One teaspoon per cup

These ought to last at least a week 😉

I am happy to be super active today because tomorrow will be sedentary.  At the crack of dawn I am hitting the road for West Hazleton, Pennsylvania for my grandmother‘s service.  My two little sister’s and I will be making the drive with me so I am at least looking forward to good company.  Maybe I can even talk them into some rest stop yoga along the way…

Gotta run walk!  I’ve got a walkin talking date with Kath.


  1. I love how you portion out the coconut butter, that must make it a lot easier to use!
    I hope you’re drive goes well tomorrow.
    Also I just wanted to say, I haven’t been reading your blog for very long, but it has quickly become one of my daily reads. You are so honest and inspirational both in your food choices and in the other things you do. Thanks 🙂

  2. Denise

    What an amazing blog! First time reading and I have to say that I am hooked. You are indeed a breath of fresh air! I have met you a few times through Yarrow and blessed to know both. My prayers go out to your family and travel safe.

  3. I’ve never tried coconut butter but I’ve been seeing it on the blogs lately. I may have to hunt some down (don’t have a food processor big enough to handle the job).

    • Artisana is really where it’s at for oats but virgin coconut OIL is great for cooking. If you have a Whole Foods near by the 365 brand is the cheapest you’ll find. It’s so good, I crave it on a regular basis.

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