1. Love the term food renegade (and I’m excited to read more from that link)! I’m going to have to use that on my family when they tell me I’m a food snob. Usually what I say is, I know what I like and that’s what I want…so sue me!

    Until a few years ago I didn’t give much thought to where my food came from or how it was grown/made. I’m an RD so I cared about health, but not much beyond that. Until I lived in Cville for 1 year for my dietetic internship. And luckily…some of the cville values rubbed off on me and I’ve grown into a much more concious eater.

    I was wondering…were these always your food preferences and values or is this way of eating something you’ve grown into?

    • “I know what I like” and I know what likes me! 🙂
      I grew up on a hippie commune with chickens, brown rice, homemade cheese and tofu, the healthfood works so in a lot of ways it’s always been my preference to eat REAL FOOD. Like you, I think that my taste has gotten more refined over the last few years and now I can taste the difference in quality and I am more concerned about the environmental impact than before.
      Love that Cville was a lasting positive influence!

  2. Agree Agree agree how could I agree more with all of it? Love this post! yees intervals today in the water we worked in 30 second segments with 10 to 15 second bursts (optional of course) for every move. I feel this Immediately and also afterward.I could literally feel my metabolism boost today.
    I am a food lover and particular and it serves me so well. Today I chose a menu item at a chinese with extra veggies no MSG and small portion Please. I left there thinking “Hmm for the same $ I could have eaten 8 times as much and feel awful now;)” I also sat and gave thanks for the crispness and abundance of the veggies and directed the nutrition to rebuild my workout spent booty. Love you XXXXOOO

  3. I’m totally into intervals and do whatever my trainer lays out for me. Hard but effective, as you say.

    When I read your blog, I’m always amazed at the foods you eat, because there are things that you write about that I haven’t even heard of – and I mean that in a good way. 🙂 You are unapologetic about the way you eat and even though my diet is very different from yours, I totally respect your food renegade status.

  4. tabitha

    LOL regarding food snob, that is what my friends refer to me as. I am very picky of what I eat. I could do better but have come a long way. Glad to know I am not alone.

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