Back to Work

Highlights from the weekend…

Dinner on the deck Tate built on Saturday

Yoga on the deck Sunday morning

Urban summits

Anticipation of good eats all summer long

It was a perfect Spring weekend; lots of activity and time outside, great food, productivity on the home-front, and lots of time with friends.  Hope yours was great also!


  1. papa

    Great reclaiming of a messy patch overgrowth, like finding a buried treasure. I anticipate enjoying it with you soon. Off to swim, yeah..

  2. That deck and view is amazing. I can just imagine doing yoga out there. It must be so calming. I would find myself spending hours out there. Also, can’t wait to see what comes up in your pots.

    • Hopefully the pots will produce tomatoes and basil for summer bruschetta! I’ve been around gardening all my life and always have lots of houseplants but haven’t moved much beyond the container herb garden outside. I’ve always just gotten my produce at the farmers market but I hope to have a good supply of greens, tomatoes, and herbs this year.

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