1. So funny…I’m a Spanish speaker and was reading your site and I thought…panela? Panela is cheese, and that looks like piloncillo to me. Well, the Wikipedia link says we are both correct! 🙂
    I live in Mexico and we call it Piloncillo, thanks for giving me a new low sugar dessert recipe to try with it!

  2. That looks good. You said that the panela retains more nutrients–that’s so interesting because I’m a diabetic, so even though it’s still sugar it would probably be a better sugar to use when I want to use real sugar!

    • I would guess that it still has the same impact on your blood sugar as white sugar but it has the added bonus of 50 times more minerals than refined sugar. If you sometimes eat refined sugar than I think panela is an awesome substitute.

  3. Nikee

    Hi Faith! I really love your blog and your natural approach to life 🙂 In India Panela is called Gaur or Jaggery. It is used frequently in cooking and during religious ceremonies. I was excited to see a picture of it on your blog!

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