1. I’ve had the same thing in a vinyasa class [I think it was vinyasa; is that the very structured modality?] I LOVED the one-on-one attention. I want to make my own yogurt.

  2. cameron

    I’m not sure about groundhogs, but we had moles. Using a device (it was shaped like a torpedo) that emitted sounds into the ground got rid of them.

  3. papa

    In case you prefer to forego another appliance, put the jars into a picnic cooler with warm (110f) water up to the top of the jars. Leave overnight for easy, low cost yogurt.

  4. weightchangeexhange

    Well Since YOU brought it up I had a dream about you and the other kind of babies recently And today hanging out with my one and only grandbaby realizing how ready I am to have a baby in my life and well you know the rest. Wait wait wait until there is not another single thing you can think of more important to the BOTH of you and them make me a grandbaby and I wish the same for all of you would be babymakers out there;)

  5. I make my own yogurt too! Except I’m cheap and just use kefir grains someone gave me and glass jars. I’ve never had luck with soy or almond milk though, but I want to try with goat’s milk!

  6. I’ve only ever added flavorings after the yogurt was made, and that way I can just have a big container of plain then use it however I want. Sometimes I do vanilla/almond and sweetner, other times I mix it with hot chocolate mix…or with feta for a dressing. I’m not sure how it work to flavor it with the culture though.

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