Thanks for all the great comments on yesterday’s question of whether children develop their taste in food through nature or nurture.

I highly recommend reading through the comments if this is something that interests you.

Like most things, this seems to be a case of a mix of nature-nurture with a larger percentage of nurture or environment.

One of the most interesting comments  sparked from research that says the food a mother eats while pregnant changes the taste of the amniotic fluid and thus effects a child’s taste in food once born.  Wow, huh?  Is this why many mom’s say “I have two kids, I treat them the same and offer them the same food but one is an adventurous eater and one is very cautious and picky.”  Maybe the mom was sick more often with one pregnancy and ate a bland diet or maybe the pregnancies occurred during different seasons and so the mother ate different with each one.  Food for thought. 😉

A reoccurring theme in the comments was that while nature plays a large role in whether or not a child is a particular eater, it’s nurture that influences healthy eating habits and tastes. I see this with my niece.  She has particular tastes; she won’t eat scrambled eggs without onions and chard and she loves greens but they must be doused in balsamic vinegar.

Today’s much cooler than it’s been for weeks and there’s snow in the forecast!  I love spring but the temperature fluctuations are hard to keep up with sometimes, I always feel like I need extra sleep in the fall and spring.

I’ve been craving a good hike this weekend but the weather prediction might squash my motivation. 🙁  Do you have any active plans this weekend?  Are you more active on the weekends or weekdays?  I think I’m actually more active during the week with walking and biking.  By the weekend it’s also easier to let my workout plan slide.