1. Sparrow

    Faith~ homestead sells a wonderful creamline milk. As you may already know, it’s really important not to consume homogenized milk. Great article about breaking up the fats at nutritionguidetohealth.com and search “milk-to drink or not to drink” of course it’s even better to consume raw dairy because it has all the enzymes we need to digest in it. I think there are some cool cow share programs in c’ville area. (I’ve looked them up before on realmilk.com) see you this weekend!?

  2. Topeka has a local dairy (http://www.iloveiwig.com) that sells hormone and antibiotic free milk in glass bottles. They struggled to stay afloat a year or so ago but the community rallied around them and they’re still producing excellent milk and other dairy products. I love going to their store (which is way too far to walk) because they sell so many locally produced products – honey, preserves, etc.

  3. Rachel

    Wow, that is amazing! I wish I could run/walk/ride to work. I drive an insane amount of miles daily.

    I wish I lived closer to take advantage of your Saturday class.

    Love your blog!

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