Highlight the Best

2 Weeks to 30

So 20’s…

…frustration with those body parts I can not change.

20‘s thought: Why are my knees to nubbly and broad?

30’s thought: I’ve come a long way since getting gravel stuck in my knee riding my bike around the farm.  These knees have run a marathon, danced in front of thousands of people, and carried me from through the Andes and the Himalayas.

20’s thought: Damn my stubby little fingers with broad knuckles that turn into little sausages in the summer.

30’s thought: Well, at least my knees and knuckles match.  Long, delicate fingers have no advantage in planting a garden over compact little ones.  My hands remind me of my mother and my maternal grandmother and for them I am grateful.

20’s thought: Cute shoes don’t usually come in w i d e.

30’s thought: The wider the better to balance on and who gives a shit about feet anyway?

20’s thought: I seriously dislike my profile.

30’s thought: I look like my big sister in pictures of my profile and she’s beautiful! 🙂

Other body parts I can’t change 

  • broad shoulders
  • thick thighs
  • stretch marks on my hips
  • dark circles under my eyes no matter how rested I am
Body aspects I appreciate the most
  • my proportions; I am thick, muscular, and compact throughout my whole body
  • I have a gorgeous skin tone all year round 🙂
  • I’ve got great eyes
  • My small boobs allow me to wear v-necks and low cut tops without looking revealing
Yeah, yeah, enough about me.  This isn’t about me.  This is about each of us identifying what old, useless, negative thoughts we are holding onto about our bodies.  The energy put into these thoughts is better spent taking action on the things you can change and this is the intention I will foster in my next decade.

Highlight the best, accept the rest!