1. I like Collage Video as well. I bought most of my yoga DVDs through them. Otherwise I find good exercise DVDs at yard sales. A lot of folks buy them in January (all those unkept New Year’s resolutions) but don’t use them so they sell them CHEAP in late spring. The best way I’ve found good DVDs is through my local public library. Our library has a good collection and you can check them out for free, try them for three weeks and if you really like them you can order them from Collage. Thanks for the reviews of the ones you’ve tried out.

    • I’ve gotten a few from the library too but the collection here is pretty poor. I am thinking of doing a loaning library at my studio. Yard sales are a great idea, I’ll keep my eyes out for them this Spring!

  2. Angel7

    I wish I worked out. However, having an almost 3 year-old girl running around, I think that warrants my share of a little bit of exercise 🙂

    Lately, she has loved having me chase her around the house pretending like I cannot reach her fast enough to get the ball that she is carrying out of her hands. It makes me laugh, and she giggles uncontrollably 🙂


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