5 Weeks to 30

My crafty husband did it again!  Thank goodness we moved his broken surf board all the way across country with us, otherwise what would we sit on? 😉

Yeah, I’m a little sore today.  The absolutely best thing to do when your muscles are sore and tight is to get moving.  It can be counterintuitive and downright painful you’ve got to get the blood flowing in the muscles to aid in the healing.

The first 5 minutes of my run this morning were really pathetic-feeling and looking.  As my body warmed up and loosened up I began to stand up straighter, tread lighter, and lengthen my stride.  Before long I was feeling great and thrilled to be moving. Remind me of that next time I moan about being sore because it was hard to talk myself into getting out the door this morning.

I am a procrastinator.  I just am.  It’s a quality that I have been working to improve, especially since living with a super go-getter (♥Tate♥).  But the truth of the matter is that I kind of thrive on a tight deadline.

So while I’ve had my entire 20’s to prepare for my 30’s I have left a few things to the final 5 weeks.

5 Weeks to 30

My 30th birthday is coming up in a mere 5 weeks FROM TODAY.

Yeah, yeah, I am well aware that I will wake up no different on May 12th than when I went to sleep on May 11th but entering a new decade only happens every 10 years so I think it deserves some serious recognition.

There are a few not great habits/qualities that I would like leave behind with my 20’s and a few new ones that I would like to foster and carry into my 30’s.  Over the next few weeks I am going to set some serious intentions for change, some major, probably most minor.

Here are my first two habits that are on their way OUT

Interrupting. Everyone does this in conversation, especially when we are really excited about the topic and just have so much to say about it that we need to get our points in NOW.  But it’s rude.  And it makes people feel like you’re not listening.  I will increase my awareness of my interrupting habit and do it less (it is occasionally appropriate in conversation after all).

Mindless “Tasting”. I snack while I cook.  A taste of this, a (couple dozen) spoonfuls of that and before I know it I’ve consumed hundreds of calories and barely chewed or enjoyed them, not to mention that I’m no longer really hungry for dinner but want to sit down and eat it anyway.  I’ve gotten way better at this over the last few years but it’s still a habit that I want to break.   Sometimes I am really hungry when I cook, in those cases I will make a small snack (an apple, some chopped veggies) on a plate and slowly eat it between stirring and chopping.  Since I rarely use recipes it’s necessary to taste along the way, just not 10 times with a big spoon.

Thanks for helping hold me accountable!


  1. I look up to your awareness — you are such an inspiration! Turning the page into a new decade does deserve recognition, & I like you are celebrating it with changes you feel are worthy! How else do you plan to celebrate?
    I love the surf board chair.

  2. Angela

    Hey faith, I just realized my baby could very well be sharing your birthday… My due date is may 11th so it’s very close. I’ve loved my 30’s and I’m sure you will thrive in your third decade too x

  3. Rhianna

    I’m an interrupter too! It my worst habit and I constantly try to do better with it. I Blane it on a zeal for life and love of talking

  4. Tasting is a necessary part of creating food. I understand what you mean though. You think you are ingesting too much during the process. I have the opposite problem – too many years of dieting have left me not tasting at all. Maybe we should meet in the middle somewhere.

    • I hear you. I used to think that I really liked tasting while cooking…and I guess I do, as long as it’s mindful and I truly TASTE instead of focusing on other things while the food continues to go in my mouth.

  5. Angel7

    I have the same habits that you do.

    I get excited like you do when I talk about something that I am passionate about. However, I know that it is not fair to the other people in the conversation. The thing is, I get so caught up in the moment that I do not even realize what I am doing. So, with that said, I need to be more aware of that.

    Regarding snacking while cooking… Cooking makes me hungry, and it is almost like I cannot wait until the food is done before I start eating. I need to start snacking wisely, and in moderation.

    Thanks for reminding me of things I need to improve on!


  6. You’re turning 30, I’m turning 60 (May 25). Birthdays with a zero at the end are momentous and present an opportunity to reassess. I’m not sure what I’ll do to mark the occasion yet. I will say this: You have a much better attitude about hitting that number than I did 30 years ago! I was raised in an era where “don’t trust anyone over 30” was almost a mantra!

  7. you seem really in tune with your body…definitely something I want to get better at. Hopefully I can work on it now in my 20s and be better off by 30! and check out my giveaway!

    • I am in better tune with my body now than I was 10 years ago but there’s still a lot of room for improvement. I really do believe that most habits can be changed with some discipline and awareness, it’s certainly not always easy but possible.

  8. I have issues with the tasting while cooking too. I read somewhere to chew gum while you cook- it actually works! That is, when I remember to do it.

    And I agree with the working out while hurting. There’s a difference between pain from injury and pain from future muscles forming!

    • I’ve occasionally remembered to keep a pack of gum in the kitchen to chew but that only works if you are cooking somethng you never have to check the salt level or whatever on. Having a glass of kefir spritzer or sparkling water helps a lot for me.

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