Superman Says Eat Local

Congratulations Charlottesville marathoners!  You ROCK, Cville doesn’t know flat so it’s a tough course. You inspire me!

My first thought on Saturday morning was “they’ve already been running for nearly an hour!”.  My second thought was “I want to join them”.

So I did.

You know, after a leisurely breakfast and coffee. 😉

At first I felt kind of guilty when I met up with the race course and started cruising by people at mile 15, here I was just getting warmed up and they were getting ready to hit the wall.  Then I reconfigured my attitude and decided that my fresh energy would hopefully enliven them a little.

My plan was to go out for a quick and easy 3.3 miles but I was having so much fun and was SO INSPIRED by all of the running dedication surrounding me that I went an extra mile.  The second half of my run was swimming upcurrent of the runners (don’t worry, it was pretty thin so I didn’t get in anyone’s way) so I got to give every single marathoner I passed a HUGE grin and sometimes a “nice pace!” or “beautiful morning, isn’t it?”.   I got a few high five’s in but quickly realized that you have ZERO energy to spare when you are running for hours, not even to raise your hand!

While I didn’t complete 26.2 I did cover a lot of miles this weekend, 16.5 over Saturday and Sunday by walking, running, and HIKING!

I love, love, love hiking and yesterday’s romp around Shendoah National Park with Matt + Kath was a perfect way to spend a Spring Sunday.

Superman say’s “Eat Local” and Matt agrees!

84 foot South River Falls

Naturally, there was lots of real food refueling.

Super seedy and delicious Great Harvest Dekota bread, three kinds of cheese and lots of veg.

Manna bread and almond butter cookies topped us off.

I went a little nuts in the kitchen on Saturday afternoon and whipped up big batches of sprouted wheat biscuits and cookies.

Sprouted wheat, shredding carrots, dates.

I baked this batch of sprouted wheat bread in individual biscuit form because the first loaf was so crumbly and took forever to cook.

These cookies were made without an iota of a plan and sadly they kind of taste like that.  I had a little bit of applesauce and some extra shredded carrots (from the manna) so into the food processor they went.  An impulse buy of $2 a jar organic almond butter has left me with a plethora of my least favorite kind of nut butter so in went a few big spoonfuls. Honey, a little bit of sugar, lots of cinnimon and a few grates of nutmeg, some eggs, oh wait they need something more…oats to the rescue.

They are o.k. but nothing special, if you try to create something like these cookies (you know, based on this glowing review ;)) I recommend baking them for just long enough to cook the eggs, otherwise they will dry out.

There’s a high of 84* predicted for today. I say BRING IT ON!

My strawberries need the SUN!



  1. Wish I could have joined you on the hike. The scenery was worth the trek I’m sure. I enjoyed the afternoon walking around a local lake with lots of gorgeous tulips in full bloom. Didn’t do the entire trail. It’s over 7 miles but it’s on my want to do list for 2011.

    • I love hiking/walking near any type of water, there’s something so calming about it. The best part of our hike was following a beautiful, moss covered creek for the first few miles.

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