My Garden Grows

Do you remember back a few weeks ago when I started my garden?

Look at it now!

Ok, ok, we still need soil in our beds and it’s not really that impressive but what is impressive is watching the peas grow so fast!

Pretty soon they are going to need something to grow up.  I cannot wait to munch these Spring treats straight from the vine.

4 Weeks to 30 update

Argh! This is harder than I thought!  I’ve had to put a lot of attention into both of my commitments; interrupting less and snacking less while cooking.

I’ve found myself making justifications for the snacking, like “it’s only veggies and I’m hungry”.   But the point is that I want to break the hand-to-mouth habit because my food will taste better when I sit down to eat it with an appetite and a fresh mouth.  Tossing food in my mouth, even if the calories are negligible, encourages me to take food for granted which is not a healthy or fun thing in my book.

Tomorrow I will set two more commitments to leave behind some “bad” habits with my 20’s.

Business at the clinic is swimming right along and I am super pleased with where we are at for our 4th month open.  One thing we are still working on is what music is appropriate to play in the reception area.  So far we’ve played a lot of Jack Johnson and Eric Clapton but it’s getting old.  Do you have any suggestions? Basically we want something that we enjoy, is relatively mellow, and free of offensive lyrics.

I made a very healthy and simple “cream” sauce for our dinner last night.

  • white beans
  • cheese
  • dried dill
  • red chili flakes
  • lemon juice
  • salt n pepper
  • water or milk to thin

Add beans, lemon juice, and a little water or milk to the food processor and puree until very smooth.  Add dill, chili flakes, salt, and pepper to taste (yes, sometimes you just HAVE to taste as you cook).  Add grated cheese (we used Monterey Jack) and process until combined.  Heat in a sauce pan or microwave to melt the cheese.

I ate my portion over steamed broccoli and Tate had his over pork chops.  It was creamy and filling!

Have a gorgeous day!