Eating Out

Simple Summer Spring Supper

Fish tacos on of those dishes where the sum is truly greater than all of its parts.  And it’s parts are pretty damn good.

Shredded cabbage, fresh salsa, simple white fish (Flounder last night but often Tilapia), avocado, and mango all brought together in a little corn tortilla.  Served with salad and sparkling wine (perhaps we should have been toasting The Donald?) this meal was all about fresh flavor.

Fresh flavor and good company. 🙂

Usually I feel bad going to someone’s house empty-handed.  I am well-versed in the art of pot-luck dishes and stone soup type dinners.  We double dinner date with Matt + Kath so often that Kath and I decided that it’s nice every once in a while to have a home-cooked meal with no responsibility.  So now we trade-off hosting each other.  Tate and I get to cash in next week. 😉

I returned to the kettlebell class at the gym yesterday.  No soreness in the back this time, probably because I stuck to 10 and 15 pounders.  The workout was SUPER quad intensive (at least 5,000 squats!) and shoulder intensive, my two least favorite muscle groups to work!  Quads because I have one of those rare female body types that has the ability to get quite thick with muscle easily and shoulders because I firmly believe they get overworked and prone to injury very easily.

I’m just the faintest bit sore today but I have a feeling it hasn’t all kicked in yet.  Remind me how important it is to get moving when you’re sore because I am planning on a lunchtime run.

TGIF!  We’ve got some fun things planned for the weekend, too bad the weather looks more conducive to baking than biking. 🙁  I’m ready for summer!