Picnic Season

I just realized that with only six days left in the month there is no way I’m going to meet my walking/running goal milage of 150.  In fact, I am pretty much failing at all of my goals this month.

At this point I have three options:

  1. Re-asses and change my goals accordingly
  2. “Shoot for the moon.  Even if [I] miss [I’ll] land among the stars.” (Brian Littrel)
  3. Throw in the towel
I choose the second option.
There’s no way I’ll cover 44 miles over the next 6 days but I may as well let the goal motivate me to hit the pavement (and trails!).
One reason my milage is down is because we’ve been riding our bikes to the clinic more often than walking these days.  I’ve still been covering those miles, just more swiftly!
Yesterday was the perfect day; exercise, great food, good friends, gardening, and lots of sunshine.
T’was a fantastic start to the beginning of the picnic season!