Thanks for the flowers!  I love them!

Were they a “congratulations” because I covered 150 running/walking miles in April?

But how did you know that alliums and irises are my favorites?

And that I love the colors purple and yellow together?

Whoever you are, you made my Sunday morning!  Should I just leave your milk bottle on the back porch?

P.S. If these flowers were intended for Tate please don’t tell me!  Let me go on believing some sweet soul out there wanted my birthday month to start with a thoughtful little gesture meant just for me.  Or at least both of us.


  1. Happy Birthday month! It is my birthday month too. I love your idea of leaving bad habits behind. I am already trying to break a few, I have to hurry my bday is on Friday! Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. How gorgeous!! we have some awesome purple flowers popping up in our yard overnight.

    Boo for a cold, clowdy Sunday. Wish we could’ve hiked!

  3. what a sweet may day gift! we used to do that as kids-decorate baskets and fill them with candy and flowers then go to friends’ houses and leave them on the doorstep. Then, we’d ring the doorbell and run away. So many people have never even heard of doing that!

  4. Happy Birthday month! What beautiful flowers.
    I love how you are leaving old habits behind & blossoming into your thirties with an open heart & arms!

  5. We used to do May Day flowers when I was little… we’d put them in little paper cones with handles that we made and decorated, and bring them ’round to the neighbors and family members. It was a cute tradition, and I haven’t thought about it in years!

    Happy birthday month!
    I love my 30’s… come join the fun! 🙂


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