Tough Stuff

I’ve never considered myself to be a tough chick.

Sure, I don’t mind getting dirty, I’ve summited some pretty serious mountains, and my husband likes to brag that I guided the Upper Gauley when I was just a mere 1st year river guide.

[image source]

I’m not a tough girl but Saturday night I watched some seriously tough chicks, er, be tough.

It was wild.  It was crazy.   It was the Brawl on the Mall!

Those dames are tough and so is their audience!

“Oh, so body slamming is legal but elbowing’s not?”

The half-time show lite up the arena!

Best part?  All the shoving is for a good cause.  The team is not-for-profit and picks a charity to donate the proceeds from each game.  Saturday nights recipient was the Virginia Discovery Museum.  $7 well spent.


      • My guide for the upper gauley took us on a ‘pillow ride’ and I was the only one in our raft who stayed in hahaha! I haven’t been on the New, but I’d love to! I think my group of friends is going back again this fall since we loved it so much 🙂

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