Day of the Show

It’s the day of the show y’all!


Morning from the green mountains of good ol’ West Virginia.

I drove over to Lewisburg on Wednesday afternoon to start technical rehearsals for Layers of Life.   After running my dance the last two nights to a small audience comprised of the rest of the cast, the crew, and a few others, I am ready for opening night!

My piece, In the Hum, is a solo to this song and works around the theme of  this amazing sentiment from the Dalai Lama.

I haven’t performed since September 2008 and I’m a little nervous! ¬†Once the music starts I’ll be fine, it’s just all the waiting for my turn on stage that makes me jittery.

Yikes! I’ve onlygot¬†One Week to 30!

My habit breaking/making is going really well!

Here’s the rundown on the changes I’ve been working on over the last four weeks in order to bring in my thirty’s in the healthiest, strongest, most positive way I can.

  • Quit interrupting!¬†I will probably never completely stop interrupting, sometimes the conversation just calls for a little butting in, but I have grown much more aware of when I do this.
  • Less tasting¬†is going on. ¬†I haven’t completely stopped snacking/tasting as I cook but I am more scrupulous in my choices. ¬†Every bite that goes from cutting board/pot/pan/bag to mouth is a conscious choice rather than a mindless toss.
  • I can adapt.¬†¬†Wow, this one’s tough. ¬†I’ve caught myself many times over the ¬†last few weeks getting bogged down silly stress. ¬†Silly stress, why do I give in to you?
  • Self-loathing is so 20’s, I’m choosing to highlight the best!
With one week left I am proclaiming two more things to go out with my twenties;
  • Stop frying my precious skin! ¬†If only I could convince my twenty year old self of this one. ¬†My parents have hounded me about protecting my skin from the elements for all time but wrinkles, sun-spots, and cancer seem like urban legends when your skin is young and fresh and tight. ¬†At 29.99 my skin is still pretty young, fresh, and tight but I am starting to see the effects of too much sun. ¬† I will embrace sun hats, shade, lightweight long-sleeves, and maybe even a parasol for picnics! ¬†Don’t worry, I’ll still get my daily dose of vitamin D. ūüôā
  • No more overeating.¬†¬†Really, I’m over it. ¬†This is not primary a calorie overload issue for me, I just really don’t like the feeling of being FULL. ¬†I used to think that I did. ¬†But I don’t. ¬†I don’t like being hungry either though so it’s a fine line between the two, one that I cross too often. ¬† My main tool to prevent overeating is to s l o w ¬†d o w n. ¬†Chew each bite, set my fork down between bites, look at my food and take note of how much I’ve already eaten, and literally ask myself “are you still hungry?” as my food diminishes.
What habits are embracing or working to change at the moment?