Green Gifts

It was a great weekend but boy am I glad to be home!

And do I ever have my work cut out for me around here, kimchi to make, kombucha to brew, house cleaning, and GARDENING!  Oh yeah, and work of course!

We drove a greenhouse home from West Virginia last night.  The car was overflowing with gifts of greenery!

Blueberries, peonies, and a HAZELNUT shrub from my sister.  We will be eating hazelnuts from our yard in a few months!!!

A clematis from some friends.

And tons of tomatoes, a few pepper plants, and herbs galore!  But what will we do with all the fruits of our labor?  Well, they thought of that too.  My mom, sister, and brother gifted me with a pressure cooker canner for putting up all the goods come August.

In addition to four great performances (video up tomorrow!) my weekend was filled with family, parties, veggies, baby birds, and birthday cake (and a few runs of course).

Better get (back) to work!  Hope you had an awesome weekend!


  1. I started my first herb garden this weekend. Still have to replant in larger pots but the beautiful seedling plants are ready to grow. I spent some time at the farmer’s market talking with the lady who grew them and she was a wonderful fount of information. Maybe soon I’ll have some to season my food. Look forward to seeing more photos of yours for inspiration.

    • Do you have any advice for cooking with thyme and sage? I seem to have a lot of it on my hands and I’ve never used it very much…maybe they would make nice salts.

      • Ooh I love sauteing thyme & leeks with white beans, whipping it smooth & topping with sauteed mushrooms & truffle oil. I love thyme on so many things. They should make nice salts too!
        I saw baby birds this weekend too! Your picture is great. Your weekend sounds wonderful & I can’t wait for the video.

  2. Love all the greenery.
    Thankfully I inherited my Grandpa’s green thumb, and am carrying on his tradition of gardening.
    I get so excited to get home from work in the evenings and water my garden. (I’m a huge dork!). 🙂

    I love hazelnuts and had no idea that they would grow around here!


  3. Carol

    🙂 I love watching the progress with my garden also! I do the same thing…check every morning before I go to school.

    Also I LOVE the pic of the baby birds!! What type of camera do you use?
    Hope you enjoyed the rest of your day!

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